Commercial Litigation

Litigation is extremely risky and expensive, and it is often the only means necessary to resolve a dispute. Our representative experience includes the following:

  • Trucking industry freight claims.
  • Semi-truck collision claims involving property damage and catastrophic personal injuries and fatalities.
  • Replevin lawsuits, including cases over a race car, mobile home, furniture company inventory, farming equipment, semi-trucks and trailers, and many other types of personal property.
  • Foreclosures of Mechanics and Materialman’s liens, including such properties as residences, an airport, an indoor racetrack, numerous retail facilities, a wind farm, mines, low income tribal housing developments and other construction projects.
  • Lawsuits involving construction projects, including breach of contract, and negligent and unworkmanlike construction, and refusal to pay invoices, with cases including water pipelines, paving, architect design flaws, and invoicing overcharges, and many other construction issues.
  • Prosecuted and defended numerous shareholder and limited liability member disputes, seeking an accounting and dissolution and equitable distributions of equity and assets.
  • Successfully recovered claims against an insurance agent who solicited personal investments from existing elderly customers, and subsequently sought bankruptcy relief.
  • Recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages for real property and other assets that were swindled away from partially incapacitated elderly victims who suffered from Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • Successful prosecution and defense of numerous real property mortgage foreclosure actions.
  • We have successfully prosecuted and defended numerous lawsuits and arbitration proceedings based upon alleged wrongful termination.
  • We have successfully obtained receiverships for distressed businesses at risk of further loss, and successfully defended attempts by creditors to impose receiverships on others, where more amicable opportunities were present.
  • We have successfully represented clients through numerous arbitration proceedings through the American Arbitration Association, and JAMS, formerly known as the Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services.
  • Obtained and collected an arbitration award of over $900,000 with attorney’s fees and costs on behalf of a local trucking company against a foreign, global corporation, for disputed unpaid invoices.
  • Successfully settled a federal lawsuit through mediation on behalf of an employer who alleged a former employee hacked into company emails to monitor pricing, and then underbid contracts with customers.