Terms and Conditions


The Terms and Conditions of Use of this Website (the “Agreement”) are provided by Matthew C. Goodin, PLLC (“Firm”), a law practice established in Cleveland County, Oklahoma and managed by Attorney Matthew C. Goodin. The Agreement will govern your use of this website and client portal, including all content provided on the website and through access to all online services provided by the Firm. The Agreement covers the time period from which you agree, by clicking “I Accept” in the contact form, to be bound by the terms of this agreement to the time that you are provided with notice that the legal services requested have been completed or that the Firm is unwilling or unable to provide services requested by you, through a notice of non-engagement. If you are using the website or client portal on behalf of an organization or entity (“Organization”), then you are agreeing to these Terms on behalf of that Organization and you represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind the Organization to these Terms. In that case, “you” and “your” refers to you and that Organization.

Scope of Services

By clicking “I Accept” in the contact form, you are acknowledging that the services requested by you are to be performed primarily by the Firm in the State of Oklahoma, and Cleveland County. This website is not to be considered as a solicitation for legal services. The scope of services that the Firm will provide shall be limited to those specified in a separate Engagement Agreement which will be provided to you after the Firm has reviewed your initial information, completed a conflicts check and entered into a mutual understanding of the scope of services and fees that will be charged. After performing the services requested, the Firm has no further obligation to you.

Client Funds and Trust Funds

No fee will be charged or obligation incurred for registering for the client portal. In most situations, your funds will not be transferred to the Firm until the legal services requested by you are ready to be accessed and received on your personal login page. Some requested services may require the upfront payment of a retainer fee before the Firm will begin work. After your payment of the agreed upon price is confirmed through a Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) compliant credit card processor, you will have complete access to the legal advice, documents, research or other services provided by the Firm. If further communication with the Firm is required, you may send a separate question via the secure client portal, regarding the received legal services or request a price quote for additional legal work.


The Firm will issue electronic or manual invoices to clients on a monthly basis, which reflect the itemized time entries, amounts and expenses charged to the clients, and any outstanding balances or balances remaining in Trust. Invoices which indicate that a balance is owed to the Firm shall be paid within fifteen days of the date of the Invoice. Balances which are not paid within thirty (30) days shall accrue interest at 1.5% per month.


In order to utilize the benefit of the client portal, you must complete the registration process. There is no fee charged for registration on this website. By registering you will receive access to a personal information page where you may request our services in a secure manner. By registering on our website, you are representing that you are at least 18 years of age and able to enter into a binding contact with the Firm. Furthermore, by registering you are representing that the information you provide to us is correct, accurate and updated.

Limitation of Liability – No Warranties

The Firm assumes no liability for any errors or omissions in the content of this website. We will not be responsible under any legal theory for damages, including direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or special, arising as a result of your use of this website. The general information provided on this website is provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied. The Firm reserves the right to change, modify, add, and delete the content on this website.


If a dispute arises between you and the Firm under this Agreement, you agree that, prior to taking any other action, you will further attempt to resolve your concern or issue with the assistance of a mutually acceptable mediator. The Firm will fully cooperate with any mediation in this regard. Costs and attorneys’ fees for the mediation shall be awarded to the prevailing party.

Jurisdiction and venue

You agree that if there are any disputes arising under this Agreement that cannot be resolved through mediation, then the courts of competent jurisdiction located in Cleveland County, Oklahoma will have exclusive jurisdiction over any case or controversy arising from or relating to this agreement or use of the Firm’s website. Each person who registers to use the client portal consents irrevocably to personal jurisdiction in such courts with the respect to any matters and waives any defense of forum non conveniens. Furthermore, each person who registers for the client portal is deemed to have knowingly and voluntarily waived any right to a trial by jury in any case or controversy related to this agreement, the Firm’s website and client portal, or any services provided by the Firm.


The rights and obligations created for you under this agreement may not be assigned to any other party.

Force Majeure

The Firm will not be deemed to be in breach of this agreement for any delay or failure in performance caused by reasons out of its reasonable control, including acts of God or a public enemy; natural calamities; failure of a third party to perform; changes in the laws or regulations; actions of any civil, military or regulatory authority; power outage or other disruptions of communication methods or any other cause which would be out of the reasonable control of the Firm.


In the event that one or more of the provisions of this agreement shall be found unenforceable, illegal or invalid, it shall not affect any other provisions of this agreement, and this agreement shall be construed as if the provision found to be unenforceable, illegal or invalid had never been contained in the agreement, or the unenforceable, illegal or invalid provision shall be construed, amended and/or reformed to be made enforceable, legal and valid.

Complete Understanding

This agreement supersedes any prior or contemporaneous communications, representations or agreements between you and the Firm and constitutes the complete and final agreement between the parties relating to your use of this website, including all content provided on the website and through access to all online services provided by the Firm.