Chapter 7 bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors

What to expect at a telephonic Chapter 7 bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors in Oklahoma City.

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A Chapter 7 bankruptcy meeting of creditors, in most situations, is the one and only time that a person who files for bankruptcy has to go to the courthouse.  Under 11 U.S.C. Section 341, the chapter 7 Trustee and creditors have an opportunity to ask the bankruptcy debtor questions about their bankruptcy case.

Bankruptcy Meetings of Creditors are temporarily being conducted over the telephone.

As of March 24, 2020, meetings of creditors scheduled for Oklahoma City bankruptcy cases are being conducted over the telephone.  As long as this protocol is in effect, people who file bankruptcy in Oklahoma City have a good chance of never having to go to the Courthouse. 

During a telephonic meeting of creditors, there are typically over a dozen people on the same call.  It is extremely important for each person to “mute” their telephones until they are asked to participate.

Every case is different, but we have put together a general list of questions that you should expect to answer at a meeting of creditors.

What questions to expect at a Chapter 7 bankruptcy meeting of creditors:

State your full name.

Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Did you provide your attorney with personal identification documents to verify your identity, such as a valid photo ID card, or drivers license and a social security card?

Do you still reside at the address listed in the bankruptcy Petition? (Do not state your actual address out loud!)

Have you resided in the western district of Oklahoma for at least the past 2 years?

Did you review a copy of the Bankruptcy Information Sheet provided by your attorney’s office?

Have you ever filed bankruptcy before this case?

Did you provide your attorney’s office with all of your financial information and supporting documents, to prepare your bankruptcy petition and schedules?

Did you review the bankruptcy petition and schedules before you signed them?

To the best of your knowledge are the bankruptcy schedules true and correct, and accurately disclose all of your assets and liabilities?

Did you list everyone that you owe money to?

Are there any errors or omissions in the documents that you need to bring to my attention?

Is anyone holding any property on your behalf?

Did you list everything in which you have an ownership interest?

Do you own any mineral interests?

Are the tax returns that you provided, true and correct copies of the returns you actually filed?

Have you already received your income tax refund, and if so, what did you spend the money on?

Have you used any credit cards, taken out cash advances or loans in the past 90 days?

Did you pay any creditors or give any money to any family members in the last 3 to 4 months?

Do you have the right to sue anyone, or do you have any claims against any parties?

Are you expecting any out of the ordinary income in the near future?

Do you owe a domestic support obligation to anyone?

What caused you to file this bankruptcy?

That’s it!

After you answer the Trustee’s questions, the Trustee will ask if any creditors are present. Creditors rarely appear at these meetings, but your attorney should nonetheless prepare you for this possibility. The Trustee will also ask your attorney if he or she would like to make any announcements or clarify anything.  Once the Trustee tells you that you are excused, please hang up the telephone.

We can help.

Bankruptcy filing in Oklahoma is a respectful and dignified process to protect your assets and regain your economic freedom.  If you are falling behind because of unemployment, reduced income or other reasons, we can help you start a new chapter in your life, as millions of other Americans have in the past.  We can help eliminate the stress of unpaid bills, prevent foreclosure, stop garnishments, recover assets, and avoid repossessions, and start building your credit again.  The most important benefit that bankruptcy can provide is peace of mind.  If you would like to discuss your bankruptcy options, please contact us at your convenience.  The Goodin Law Firm is a debt relief agency.  We help people file for bankruptcy.